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      Range 3 is closed to members for the time being.  We discovered that a member has taken a 12 gauge to the new barricades we built and have on that range as props for Law Enforcement and Security Force qualifications.  Lee and I put in most of a day building and painting them so we can have nice props to use here.  We have had a problem with things being destroyed by members who just want to see what their gun can do to an object.  The range badge system, requiring members to sign in to use each range, was put in place to help with accountability when the range's property is damaged.  With this system, we were able to narrow down the suspects to one, the only member to use Range 3 the day the damage occurred.  However, without a witness to the act that damaged the props, there is not much we can do.  Range 3 has a ton of props used for training and matches.  There is no other place to store these items.  Range 3 also has the classroom that would be expensive to repair or replace if it were damaged. 

These were not even downrange.  They were shot as they were stored beside the classroom on Range 3.

Yes, your 12 gauge will FUBAR anything you shoot with it.

We are working on a solution to this problem.  So far, putting a gate with a lock on it on the entrance to Range 3 with a key that members will check out from the office when they need to use this range.  A video camera will help prosecute anyone who intentionally damages range property.  Please do your part as a member of the facility and report anyone shooting things they shouldn't. 


In other news,