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Important Notice to Range Members... 
        Memberships have been standardised.  Effective November 1, 2012, all current memberships will be renewable at the below rates.  We have never raised member's dues  before but now find it a necessity.  Everything in this world costs more.  We have a limited number of slots for members and therefore a limited amount of income we can derive from membership dues.  On order to sustain the facility, pay the lease, lights, labor and liability insurance, we must charge more from each existing membership.  We regret any problems this may cause existing members who joined years ago and enjoyed membership rates dating from 1996.  In the future, we will make annual small increases in each member's dues that will keep up with the rate on inflation, 3% to 5%, to be able to keep this facility afloat.  This facility is not alone in raising rates for members; other local shooting clubs in the area have already done so.  None are accepting new members now.  Each member here gets a renewal notice during the month they are due to renew.  The renewal notice will advise the member of the renewal rate for his membership.

        The F.O.P. Range Inc. is a sport shooting facility that is open to the public for a daily fee or through purchase of membership to be paid either monthly or annually.  

The requirements for range use or membership are:

        Your paid membership will allow you full use of everything we have to offer at the range.  Non-member's range use is restricted to the Public Range.  Members may use all the ranges on our facility including the Public Range.   We sell targets, ammunition, and other shooting and reloading supplies. Soft drinks, snacks, and a restroom are available, and we have emergency medical services minutes away.

        The range currently has over 600 members with weekend access.  When we hit 600 members, there will be no more memberships with weekend access sold.  An existing member will have to let his membership lapse to make room for another member.  Deposits for openings are accepted to get you on the waiting list.  This is the way it is at better ranges around the country.  We have a limited amount of room, 10 acres and 8 ranges, and often accomodate more than 100 shooters during a nice weekend.  We are at capacity.  We made room for 150 Limited Memberships with weekday only access.  There are still about 50 slots open for Limited Memberships.  Each month we free up about a dozen slots due to non-renewals.  We then go to the waiting list and call up those on the top of he list.  They have 10 days to respond and join or forfit their slot for the next guy on the list.  Now is the time to move.  Join now while you can.

Membership Plans:  

Prices effective October 1, 2012. 

Single membership $175 year / $15 month
Family membership $225 year / $20 month
Limited membership $125 year / $11 month

Non-member Day Rate $20 Adults / Kids 1/2 price
Life-Time Membership 10 times the annual rates above
Corporate Memberships Available and based on the number of participants, call for details.
First year initiation fee $50 paid first year only
Waiting list deposit $50, non refundable
Civil service discount $50 initiation fee waived for new membership

Memberships are renewable on the anniversary of the date you joined and are not pro-rated or tied to any specific calender year.  We send out renewal reminders on the first of each month to all the annual members who are due to renew during that month.  Send a check, call in a card number or come out to renew your membership.  Annual Membership dues are billed on the anniversary of the date you joined.  Monthly Membership dues payments are automatically submitted to the bank on the first business day of each month.  If you need more info, call the range at 205-744-2600.

Hours of Operation:
        The range is open 7 days a week; from 9:00 am till 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday, 12:00 noon till 5:00 pm Sunday.  We close the facility only on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. The range is available free of charge to local, state, and federal agencies who do not have their own range and have requested the use of our facility for training or qualifying their personnel. Call the Range for details.  205-744-2600.