FOP Range Training Range

The most recent improvement to the facility is the installation of a classroom.  I found it on Craigslist, had it hauled here, set up and tied down.  I then ran power and water to it.  The AC and heat work just fine.  I replaced most of the ballasts in the light fixtures, making them all work, replaced a couple of broken windows and laid carpet inside.   Most of the sheetrock inside was kicked in so I gutted it and hung new sheetrock, painting it a Kahki tan.  New door locks and decks on each door finish it out. 

We used the overhead cover to put a lean-to on the front side, giving users of this room releif from rain or sun.  Range 3 is a large multi purpose range, suitable for shooting handguns, rifles and shotguns.  It is 30 yards wide by 50 yards deep.  We keep about half a dozen target stands on this range for groups to use.  If a group needs more, up to 15 can easily fit on this range. 

There are more planned improvements to this part of the range.  We want to widen it another 10 yards, double the size of the berm downrange, pour concrete sidewalks and shooting areas, and plant sod between the sidewalks.  We have Public Address equipment at the range that will be installed on range 3.  On down the road, we will implement a turning target system. 

This part of the range is available for private security and law enforcement training and qualification of their personnel.  Law Enforcement agencies without their own place qualify and train their officers may book time here for that purpose at no cost.  Private agencies pay a nomimal fee.  Its use is on a first come basis. 

It is also available for groups wanting a larger range to shoot together as a birthday party, Bachelor party, bachelorette party, or corporate team building or competition event.  Call the range at 744-2600 with questions.