Welcome to the FOP Range Inc.
The best sport shooting facility in B'ham!!!


Hours of Operation:
        The range is open 7 days a week; from 9:00 am till 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday, 12:00 noon till 5:00 pm Sunday.  When the days get longer, we will remain open until 7:00 pm.  The range is available free of charge to local, state, and federal agencies who do not have their own range and have requested the use of our facility. Call the Range for details.  205-744-2600.

Range Tour

This page will take you on a guided tour of the facility.  It is a whole lot easier to show you the range this way than to walk the 10 acres with the guys who want to see what is here.  It is a hike that I take at least 4 times a day with prospective members or to keep an eye on the ranges.  I hope you enjoy the tour... it will take a few moments for all the pictures to load.

This is the sign you need to be looking for as you drive north on Pleasant Grove Rd..  It is on the right side of the road at the intersection of 1st Street.

As soon as you turn onto 1st Street, you will need to bear to your left.   It hits a "T" intersection.  Go right and you will end up in a church parking lot.  Turn left and you will get to the range.

As you drive down 1st Street, you will see clues that you are on the right path.  The "drive slowly past the homes and down range roads" signs will lead you to a big banner sign where the range road starts. 

About a half mile down the range road you will find the range.  The bumpy recycled asphalt road becomes a paved road that takes you to the range parking area.  The office where you sign in at the end of the range road.   The big log home is the Range Master's Quarters. 

This is the office.  This is what you need to look for first when you get to the range.  There is a nice enclosed and air conditioned deck on the right side for cooling off or warming up, browsing the tons of magazines and catologs, getting a cold drink or snack. 

The big range in front of the office is the Public Range.  This is the area that non-member users of the range are restricted to.  It is a very nice range... just like the rest of the facility.  There are 12 concrete benchrest tables and 9 handgun shooting positions.  There are two steel plate racks and a dueling tree in the pistol area.  They are for handgun use only.  Shooting reactive steel plate targets is a lot of fun (and tends to eat a lot of ammo).  There are berms at 12, 50 and 100 yards.

Public Range

Moving clock-wise around the facility, the next ranges are the Ranges 1 and 2, side by side, that have stationary steel plates, falling steel plates and target stands for paper targets set up on them.   Range 2 has three steel plate racks, several pepper poppers and a bunch of falling steel plates set up for your use.  The stationary plates ring very loudly when you hit them.  We hold a Steel Plate match here on the Second Saturday of each month at 10:00 am.  See competition events page for more info about the match.  Members can practice here for the matches.  It is also a great place just to target shoot.  I have target stands on each range for punching holes if you want to shoot paper.   This is a handgun range.  No long guns are allowed to be fired on these two ranges.  Rifle and shotgun ammo will damage the steel plates.  Handgun ammo just knocks the paint off.  Bring a can of spray paint and you will have new targets all day long.

Range 1

Range 2

A road that runs from the parking lot along the left side of the Range Master's house leads to Range 3.  This is a large range with 50 yards availablefor shooting handguns, shotguns and rifles. When Law Enforcement Agencies need a place to qualify their officers, I set them up here. We recently installed a classroom on range 3 and plan further upgrades soon.

Range 3

There is a paved roadway that leads from the lower parking area to pistol ranges 4, 5, and 6. 

This is Range 4.  It is at the north side of the lower pistol ranges.  It is a 25 by 40 yard range with a 270 degree field of fire that we use for the practical shooting matches.  Members who participate in the IPSC and IDPA matches are welcome to use this area to set up a course of fire and practice for the matches.   Because of the steel targets in this range, it is restricted to handgun use only.   There are props we use in the IPSC and IDPA matches stored on this range.   If you drag them out, you have to put them away when you are done.  You may also do simple target shooting on this range.  I have target stands on each of the ranges for shooting paper targets.  Please don't shoot the props.

Range 4

This is Range 5.  There are two falling steel plate racks on this range for members to bang away on.  The plate racks are made by MGM Steel Targets.  No rifles or shotguns are allowed on the steel plates.  It is a great place to target shoot.  There is nothing more fun than knocking down steel plates with ammo.  Just pull the rope to reset the plates and go again. 

Range 5

This is Range 6.  This is a good place to shoot paper targets and bang on the two Action Target Plate Racks.  Most shooters want a place to shoot at 7 to 15 yards and this pistol range is set up just for that purpose.  I have a bank of target stands set up in front of the berm for shooters to staple or tape their targets up on.  I recently added 4 more falling steel plate racks to the facility and this range now sports two of them.  Falling steel plates continue to be the most fun things to shoot on the range.

Range 6

This is the member's Rifle Range.  It has 6 concrete benchrest tables and target stands at 33, 50, and 100 yards.  This range points north and the shooting benches are in the shade all day long. 

Range 7
Range 7 Rifle range
We recently poured a concrete base under the covered area, improving this area for members.

Joining is easy and takes about half an hour to do.  There is a little paperwork to complete and a range safety orientation each member gets before being allowed to use the facility on their own.  See the Membership Info link above for more.

Come find me, Jon Grigsby, when you get here and I'll help you if I can.

I have some good help, Lee Knobloch.  He will catch my slack when I'm not here (fighting crime) or busy handling the business end of running the range.
Lee shoots Lee 2

View of the Public Range from the deck...

I hope you have enjoyed the tour.  You have just seen about all there is to offer at the F.O.P. Range.  It is a very nice, well maintained, clean, safe shooting facility.   It is available to anyone who can legally possess a firearm for just a little bit of money.  Some of the above pictures are a little dated.  We have updated the ranges since most of these were taken.  As I get new pics, I'll update this page with them.  If you have any questions after poking around this website, please call us at the range, 744-2600.  Be safe and shoot straight!